The System

The Skyline zipline system is a result of the engineering prowess of two Mechanical Engineering firms who developed the key components of the system. Currently it is the most technologically advanced zipline system in the world. 

Eco-friendly Technology:

All cables are rock-anchored and the takeoffs and landings are all land-based or on towers.  Trees are not used as anchors for the cables on the system.

The Brake


Mechanical Brake: The Spring-bank braking system is a series of springs with differing compressions held together with ‘Spacer’ blocks and headed with a ‘Catch’ Block which allows for the flyers impact speed to be absorbed and intimately slowed smoothly to a stop.

The Catch-block


The Catch block is made of UHMWP – Ultra High Molecular Wear Plate – CNC machined. The “teeth” are similar to a ‘Fastek” buckle, but rather than closing in and then popping out – the Catch Block pops open and closes around the flat “lip” of the trolley. This prevents the rider from being propelled back out on the line.

The Cable

Sky Safari uses 7/8” cable in all its’ applications. This allows for significantly larger loads and tensions. This allows for a faster, safer and quieter ride. Each guest will also be attached to a 3/8” safety cable that will follow the same route as the cable flown.

The Trolley

This unique, light, high speed Skyline trolley is state-of-the-art and first introduced at Skyline’s Cougar Mountain, Whistler, B.C., Canada operation. Weight of 7lbs

It features large, high speed roller-bearing wheels made from durable urethane on a keyed aluminum alloy hub.  These have a very long life expectancy and are friendly to the steel cable.

The trolley carriage, (everything suspended below), is designed to be comfortable and stable for the rider.

The carriage features a spreader with equalizers at the bottom of four stainless steel plastic covered cables.  Below there are nylon grommet straps which attach to the special seat styled after the modern Para-glider harness.

The carriage is suspended to prevent the rider from rotating in the air – this allows good forward visibility.  The equalizers at the side of the split spreader maintain equal tension in the straps, thus uniform pressure on the wheels, ensuring good cable contact at high speed.  Also, this feature accommodates high angle launching and reduces the swing-up effect on braking.

The ride is stable, quiet, provides good visibility and above all, either reclined or upright, and comfortable.

The Harness

The harness system used is one specially designed this system. The design is based off of traditional paragliding harnesses, which are made to be sat in comfortably for hours at a time.  The stark contrast between our Skyline Harnesses and the climbing harnesses used in other Zipline systems is highlighted by the comfortable leg and back supports as well as a chest strap to ensure rider security.  This new system allows guests to stay in a comfortable seated position throughout their flight.