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Q: Does Sky Safari Tours operate year round?

A: Yes, Sky Safari operates year round and in all weather conditions. No experience is necessary and all equipment is provided.

Q: Is it safe?

A: The Sky Safari system is fully engineered and certified. Sky Safari is the safest cable ride system in the world because it utilizes a permanent rock anchor system rather than anchoring cables into trees. The cables used are also 3 times the thickness of conventional zip line systems.

Phone: (869) 466-4259 or 465-4347
Fax: (869) 466-1142
Email: info@skysafaristkitts.com
Sky-High Adventure!

Come out to Wingfield Estate for Sky Safari's most exciting eco adventure! Our new cable line System is an exhilarating cable line expedition through St. Kitts Rainforest. Ride in a comfortable harness reaching speeds of up to 80km an hour. The system offers 5 cable lines, with the longest ride being over 1350 feet long, 250 feet above the ground. Our guides will share their wealth of interpretive information and local Wingfield Estate knowledge about the ecosystem you will be flying over, giving you a unique Wingfield Estate experience.

"Safest way to fly!!"


"This was absolutely the highlight of our stay! Excellent staff, amazing views,; we would recommend this full tour to anyone"

Sonia & Devin Agnew
Los Angeles, CA, USA
"This was the best tour of the trip"

St. Louis
"Awesome!" " 2 thumbs up"

Alex Brake, 12 yrs old
"Lots of fun for the whole family!"

Jim & Tobi Pomerance
Alpharetta, GA
"Best part of my cruise! You guys were great. Mango Tango Baby"

Danny Minniti
Seattle, Wasgington


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